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Conselit Co. Ltd. (based in Seoul, Korea) supports foreign companies to unlock their business potential in Korea, and assists Korean companies to invest and develop business in Italy. Conselit leverages key parterships in Korea, a pool of qualified collaborators and great relationships accross the globe.

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ERS Engineering

ERS Engineering Corp (based in Michigan, USA, with offices in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine) supports companies in entering into the CIS market (Former Soviet Union) and assists Eastern Europe companies interested to develop the American market. Focus on Automotive, Agricultural and Construction Machinery, and Machine Tool.

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Luzio Strategy Group

Luzio Strategy Group (based in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Charlotte, USA) is a consulting firm specialized in assisting managers and companies to achieve strategic excellence and performance optimization. Through multi-sector experience, the accumulated knowledge of best practices applied in different environments, a pragmatic approach, and a qualified network, Luzio helps international clients to solve problems and to make high-impact decisions.

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