Executive Management Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that provides customized solutions for the formulation and implementation of business strategies.


Several consultants produce endless amounts of presentations, but hardly ever straightforward advice.

Many talk a lot, but are hopelessly lost when practical solutions are needed.


We are different

We have a successful track record growing businesses globally, with 20+ year career in the industrial, commercial, and aftermarket sectors.


We offer in-depth, first-hand knowledge of the Automotive, Aerospace, Defence and Industrial Markets: how they operate, grow, and make money.


We deliver meaningful results in top-line/bottom-line performance, developing and delivering clear and executable business strategies, measurable score cards, and transparent goals across functions.


We connect people and companies thanks to our qualified network, for valuable personal relationships and long-term strategic alliances.


We develop and execute powerful strategies for effective leadership/operational excellence, minimizing expenses and maximizing returns.




Competent, Straightforward, Reliable



Executive Management Consulting srl
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